Search and Browse
There are four great ways to SEARCH and BROWSE at!

1. Use the Search Bar at each tab. 'Keyword' is the default setting which should detect the author or title you are searching. If you want to 'narrow' your search, just use the Title or Author selector. We suggest if you are not sure of the exact Title or Author, to use the 'Keyword' option.

2. Use the Left Hand Margin "Browse Categories" feature by clicking on any of the Categories listed. The first subcategory will automatically be highlighted in black with the other subcategory options in red text.

3. Use the Top Right Hand, Drop-Down Box called Browse Book Categories (or Browse Music Categories etc...) located on the 'cream colored' bar to the right. Many love this option because by scrolling down you can see all the Categories and Sub-Categories very quickly.

4. And last but not least, click on the Category Summary located on the colored bar at each store tab, to view all Categories and Sub-Categories at one glance.

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